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  • Each book includes 26 weekly theme-based sessions.
  • Available in eBook and print formats.
  • Comes with access to supporting guided practice audios for every session, to play or download.

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I find the sessions extremely useful. I’m certain I am sleeping better because of them.  I’m so proud to work for a company that encourages its employees to empty their minds on a regular basis.  So simple but brilliant.

Senior Internal Comms Manager

I’ve joined the last couple of mindfulness sessions and I’m finding them really useful. Its amazing the difference it makes just to be more focused instead of trying to do everything at once. 

Business Manager

I found the mindfulness session this morning invaluable. It is not often in the busy, frantic, globally spread work world we live in to be on a call where one feels calm, relaxed and connected to a group of people with the same aim and positive intention on a call.  Invaluable to the strength of the business environment.  Happy employees means happy customers.  I look forward to the next.  Many, many thanks.

Sales Manager

I find these weekly mindfulness sessions extremely beneficial to my overall well-being. It helps me in many ways at work to stay centred and balanced and stops me from becoming too stressed. In essence it has increased my awareness so I manage situations more effectively both at home and at work.

Transformation Programmes Director

Thank you for the session, it was the best start to the day I have had for a long as I can remember.

Business Development Manager

Thanks so much for your weekly mindfulness sessions, I really feel these make a hell of a difference to my life, and gradually integrating this into my regular practices.

Public Affairs Manager

I find the weekly sessions invaluable – they certainly help me keep a sense of perspective. Last year I had a period of stress-related absence from work. I’m determined not to end up in that position again, and strongly believe these mindfulness sessions will help with this.

Technical Manager

Thank you very much for running the weekly mindfulness sessions. I first joined them when I came back to work following a period of stress. I feel that they have been instrumental in my not going back off sick and have helped me cope with other challenges in my life.

Senior Project Manager

Joined my first mindfulness session this morning. Just like having my own personal mindfulness coach. Really boosted my morning energy levels – what a great way to start the day.

Marketing Manager

I joined these weekly sessions sollowing a four-month period of sick leave suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. I found the pace and delivery very calming and the structure very helpful. Mindfulness is now a real stabilising influence in my working life. Attending these calls made a significant contribution to my sustainable recovery, overall confidence and well-being, in both my work and personal life.

Head of Business Transformation